Body Treatment Oil

Skin in the winter is always in need of a little pick me up. The constant change of temperature going from the comfort of your toasty warm house to the cold outside air really dehydrates the skin. If you are looking for a luxurious body care pick me up, look no further than our Heavenly Hydration Intensive Body Treatment Oil.


This deeply nourishing oil is packed full of 100% natural aromatherapy oils. The hazel nut oil base is combined with geranium, rosewood, rosemary, peppermint and clary sage to rehydrate the skin and relax your mind. We have added vitamin C and E to help with the signs of ageing as well. All the ingredients help to lock in vital moisture to the skin.


The beauty of this oil is that there are so many ways to use it!


- Apply to an area of dry skin for one week of every month.

- When running a bath add a few pumps to the water. Not only will the fragrance fill the room with the spa like scent but the oil will help to nourish your skin while bathing!

- Add a small drop of the oil to your hair before you go to bed. Throughout the night the oil will work its magic to hydrate your hair. After washing it out the next morning you will be left with super soft and shiny locks.

- Apply the oil to weak and dry nails to hydrate and strengthen them. 


Due to the hazelnut oil base and aromatherapy oils it is not suitable for those who are pregnant, epileptic or suffer nut allergies.


With its luxury properties and amazing results you and your skin will definitely fall in love with it!





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